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Rake Up Those Leaves

In Autumn leaves naturally fall off deciduous trees. If the leaves collect on lawns they can 'smother' lawn grasses; shading and squashing grass, encouraging damp conditions under the leaves where disease may flourish. So rake up those leaves regularly.

Autumn Lawn Care

Early autumn is the very best time to get your lawn healthy, weed free, thickened and looking great in preparation for winter. Don’t wait for spring next year as so many do.

How to Thicken Your Lawn

By adding new grass seed and soil conditioner, your lawn will grow strong, healthy and thick and is this will help prevent weeds.

How to Videos - How to mix and dilute spray concentrates for use in the garden.

Watch these garden videos on how to mix and dilute liquid and powder spray concentrates to get the best from the product, to reduce waste and keep safe.


Transplanting is a stressful time for any plant or tree. Root systems consist of branching roots covered in delicate microscopic 'hairs' through which most absorption of water and nutrients takes place.

How to Prune Roses

Winter is the time to prune and protect your roses in preparation for getting the best display from them this summer.

Keep Your Compost Cosy This Winter

In the cool winter conditions the compost pile my cool and the break down processes will slow and may even halt. There are some things you can do to help keep you compost cosy this winter so that it continues to break down organic waste.

What is Organic?

Organic is a word with many different meanings; there are 15 different meanings listed on!

How to Deter Cats from Being a Nuisance in Your Garden

Cats can be a nuisance when they enter a garden and use an area as their toilet.

Measure Soil Fertility by Earthworms

Gardeners know that having earthworms in the soil is good for the soil. But do you know they can tell you the fertility level of the soil?

Flying Spiders

Recently on several news programmes and websites a video taken in New Zealand of an ocean of shimmering spider silk hit the headlines. The silk, known as gossamer, is floating in the wind across a field of grass looking like waves.

Watch Out for Rodents Eating Your Bulbs

Protect the spring flowering bulbs you plant in autumn from hungry rodents. Rats and mice will dig up your newly planted bulbs and eat them.

Testimonial for Gro-Sure Easy Wildflowers

Just wanted to say thanks. The wildflowers have made me smile every day.

What’s the Buzz about Chafer Beetles?

Have you woken to find the leaves on some of your trees or shrubs stripped? Have you found brown or bronze coloured beetles dead in your house after a warm night where you left the window open?

How to Use LawnPro 7 Day Green

Watch this video on how to fertilise, green and strengthen your lawn. Kiwicare LawnPro 7 Day Green with the ease-to-use Even-Flo spreader.

How to Water Your Plants

It might seem an easy question to answer; turn on the hose and wet everything. But although plants need water, there are some tips that will mean you provide with the water they need without causing them harm.

Create Your Own Planting Diary with this Kiwicare Template

Keep track of your own garden planting and planning by downloading and filling in this simple Kiwicare Planting Diary.

6 Things To Do Before You Go On Holiday

These are 6 things you should do before you go away on holiday to the beach, or even if you intend to stay at home over the holiday period.

Kiwicare Garden Problem Solver TV Commercial

Kiwicare Garden Problem Solver television commercial. David Brittain Kiwicare Technical Support Manager talks about the Kiwicare garden problem solver.

Safe Storage of Home and Garden Products

For safety and to get the best from your home and garden products it is important to store them correctly.

Safe Disposal of Chemicals and Containers

How to safely dispose of home and garden product containers and unwanted chemicals.

How to Use LawnPro All-in 1 to Get Rid of Weeds and Moss and Green Your Lawn

Watch this short video on how to use Kiwicare LawnPro All-in-1 in the Even-Flo spreader to get rid of weeds including moss and to green and strengthen your lawn grass.

Poisonous Plants of New Zealand

Some common plants in New Zealand are poisonous and care should be taken that they are not accidentally ingested or sap contacted. This is a short list of the ones to watch out for.

Bare Lawn? Wear and Tear Repair

Have you got bare patches on your lawn? Identify the cause of the bare patches and learn how to remedy and repair your lawn.

How to Bring Vibrant Colour to Your Garden

Video on how to bring months of vibrant colour to your garden the easy way with Kiwicare Gro-Sure Easy Flowers - Seed, Feed and Mulch.

How to Use the Kiwicare LawnPro Even-Flo Spreader - Video

Video on how to use the Even-Flo spreader that is supplied to several Kiwicare LawnPro fertilser, lawn seed and weed control products.

Video on How to Green and Thicken Your Lawn

Watch this video on how to green and thicken your lawn using Kiwicare Lawnpro Lawn Thickener with the easy to use Even-Flo spreader.

Why Do I Use So Much Slug and Snail Bait?

Slugs and snails eat and damage seedlings of vegetables, bedding plants and other plants in the garden. The most common way to try and control them is with slug and snail toxic baits. Why does it take so much bait to keep control of slugs and snails?

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterflies add movement and colour to a garden. Butterflies are evolved to be attracted to and feed on nectar in flowers. If you wish to attract more butterflies to your garden here are some tips.

Gro-Sure TV Commercials

Kiwicare Gro-Sure Planting Magic and Easy Flowers television commercials.

Gro-Sure Easy Flowers - Blooming Easy!

Everyone finds a garden full of colourful, fragrant flowers a pleasing sight, not to mention the feel good factor of helping the bees!

LawnPro Lawn Thickener - Before and After

Before and after photos of a lawn treated with LawnPro Lawn Thickener from a recent user of the product (September 2016).

Lawns - To Mulch or Not to Mulch?

Mulching a lawn is when you leave the lawn clippings on the lawn rather than collecting them in the lawn mower catcher. Some lawn mowers can be set to 'mulch'. To mulch or not to much a lawn is a question that can be answered in two ways.

Saflufenacil - How It Makes Weed Weapon the Best Herbicide

The rapid damage to plant tissues from saflufenacil causes greater uptake and movement of glyphosate. The weed, in withdrawing nutrients from damaged areas, increases flow of glyphosate to other parts of the plant including roots.

Kiwicare Supports Motutapu

Kiwicare Sponsors and supports the Motutapu Restoration Trust through supply of Weed Weapon Preventer for the prevention of invasive exotic weeds in the 15,000 native plants cultivated and planted each year.

LawnPro Even-Flo Spreader

The Kiwicare/Westland Even-Flo spreader is a patented device for the even and controlled application of granular products to lawns. The design means that users do not contact the granules before or during application.

Long Term Weed Control in Gravel

Preventing weeds growing in gravel drives and pathways can be challenging. Here is a solution to provide effective long term control of weeds in gravel and stone areas.

Kiwicare Lawn Maintenance Calendar

The Kiwicare Guide to Healthy Lawns - Get your Lawn Maintenance Calendar

Shotover Garden Centre, Queenstown

Technical Manager of Kiwicare, David Brittain, will be at Shotover Garden Centre, Queenstown Friday 6th November from 9.30 am to 12.00 to answer questions from gardeners in the Queenstown and Wanaka areas.

Website Testimonials

Read some of the comments made about this Kiwicare website.

Testimonial for LawnPro Lawnguard

LawnPro Lawnguard is a granular insecticide for control of grass grub, porina caterpillar, ants and other soil dwelling insect pests. Here are some comments from users.

How to Videos - Choose the Best Weed Weapon Specialist Weed Killer

How to choose the best Weed Weapon specialist weed killer for controlling weeds in gardens and other places.

How to Videos - Choose the Right Weed Weapon Weed Killer with Saflufenacil

How to choose the best Weed Weapon weed killer containing saflufenacil to get rid of weeds in gardens and other places. What is the difference between Weed weapon Ra[pid Action, Direct Hit, Extra Strength, and Long Term?

How to Videos - Use LawnPro Lawnguard to Control Grass Grub ands Other Lawn Pests

How to use LawnPro Lawnguard granules to get rid of and prevent grass grub, porina caterpillar, cutworm ants and other soil dwelling insect pests in lawns and flowerbeds.

How to Videos - Use Weed Weapon Preventer to Prevent Weeds in Flowerbeds and Pots

How to Use Weed Weapon Preventer to stop weeds emerging in flowerbeds, pots and around trees and shrubs.

New Zealand's War on Weeds

Join Kiwicare in the battle against weeds. Weeds in the garden can also be very damaging to the environment. New Zealanders are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and join forces to fight against invasive weeds in a new campaign - The War on Weeds.

How to Videos - How to use the Kiwicare Pump & Spray ready to use sprayer units. Presented by David Brittain

Watch this video to learn how to use the Kiwicare Pump & Spray pre-filled ready to use pressurised spray units. Presented by David Brittain.

Annual, Biennial and Perennial Weeds - What is the Difference?

Learn what the difference between annual, biennial and perennial weeds is and how to use this information to select the best weed killer herbicide.

Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses - What is the Difference?

We are often asked what the term 'broadleaf weeds' means. Not all broadleaf weeds have broad leaves. Learn the difference between broadleaf weeds (plants) and grasses.

Selective and Non-Selective Weed Killers - What are They?

Kiwicare make selective and non-selective weed killers. What are they and when should you use them?

Contact and Systemic Weed Killers - What are They?

Kiwicare makes both contact and systemic weed killers. This is an explanation of what what they are and when to use them.

Post-emergence and Pre-emergence Weed Killers

Kiwicare makes pre-emergence and post-emergence weed killers. What do these terms mean and how are the products used?

Types of Plant Disease

Plants are susceptible to disease. Many of the plants we grow in our garden have been bred for traits that we desire, such as flowers, large fruit, good flavour and shape.

There are Over 500 Weed Species in Kiwi Lawns.

Kiwicare LawnPro lawn care products solve the weed problems common in New Zealand lawns. We know because we get rid of them all.

Rats and Mice in the Garden

Rats and mice are pests in the garden. They eat seeds and seedlings, gnaw and damage irrigation pipework, live in compost heaps and leave urine and droppings that can carry disease.

Testimonial for Organic Super Spraying Oil

Roses are now completely aphid free and I've just become a fan of your Super Spraying Oil.

Testimonial for Organic Weedfree Rapid

It's quite amazing! That is what Chris and Helen of Wellington think of Organic Weedfree Rapid herbicide.

Testimonial for NO Cats & Dogs

I hasten to add my complete satisfaction with the product in deterring cat and dogs...

Stop Onehunga Prickles in Your Lawn

Onehunga Prickle Weed is a common weed of lawns and recreational turf and is probably one of the most hated because of its prickly seeds which are painful to walk on.

Winter Spray Program

Ensure your garden explodes with health in spring by taking a little time now to protect your trees, shrubs and roses from pests and diseases.

Testimonial for Weed Weapon

A breakthrough in Weed control. Weed Weapon is faster acting weedkiller that controls a broader range of weeds and grasses than traditional weedkillers. Read what people have to say..

Testimonial for Nourish Organic Fertiliser

Nourish is a very popular product in our organic range. With four specifically designed types Citrus, Flower, Vegetable and All Purpose it is hard to find a better source of rich liquid nutrients for your plants. Read what people have to say...

Testimonial for Organic Caterpillar BioControl

As one of our most popular products in our organic range, Organic Caterpillar BioControl is an excellent way to keep those hungry caterpillars off your Fruit and Vegetables. Read what people have to say...

Ruud Kleinpaste on Weed Weapon

Weed Weapon is bloody fast! That is what the Bug Man Ruud Kleinpaste says about Weed Weapon Rapid Action.

Breakthrough in weed control

A breakthrough in Weed control. Weed Weapon is faster acting weedkiller that controls a broader range of weeds and grasses than traditional weedkillers.

Weed Weapon Time Lapse Video

Tired of spraying weeds and coming back a week later to find no change; that they’re still green and standing tall? It leaves you wondering 'Did I spray it properly? Do I have to do it again?'

Organic Winter Care

Ensure your garden explodes with health in spring by taking a little time now to protect your trees and shrubs from pests and diseases.

Ellerslie Flower Show

Ellerslie International Flower Show is on in Christchurch's Hagley Park 7th-11th March 2012.

Nourish - An incredible difference!

We have had fantastic feedback from our customers about our new Nourish Organic Fertiliser Range. Look at the incredible difference Nourish Flower has made to this Christchurch garden!

What are Weeds?

Weeds are plants in the wrong place; where they may look unsightly or cause harm to garden plants, crops or the environment. Weeds are ‘weedy’ because they grow and spread fast, often shading and strangling other plants.

Fair Weather for Pests

For New Zealand’s North Island and Upper South Island December was amongst the wettest on record.

Stinging Insects in New Zealand

There are few stinging insects in New Zealand but the few we have can cause more than just a nuisance; they can be a threat to our health.

Butterflies and Caterpillars

One of the many delights of having a garden is seeing and hearing the variety of wildlife it attracts. Birds, bees, butterflies and others add to the garden’s beauty.

Mixing and Diluting Spray Concentrates

Many Kiwicare products for use in the garden are concentrates or powders for mixing with water or other solvent before application. This article provides advice on how to dilute and make up sprays from concentrates.

Know Your Garden Insect Pests

There are many insect pests that will damage the plants in your garden. Some suck the sap and nutrients from the plants, some eat the leaves and roots, some spread disease to plants and some are a nuisance or danger to people in the garden directly.

Your Lawn Care Guide

Lawns are the carpets for your outdoor living space. Among the pleasures of the garden are looking at a beautiful, lush, even, green lawn and walking barefoot across it feeling the soft grass underfoot without fear of prickles.

Weeds 101

Weeds are plants growing in the wrong place. They may be in the wrong place because they harm the plants around them, they are unsightly, they encourage pests and disease, or make being in the garden unpleasant.

Spring Clean your Garden

Spring has sprung. Buds have burst open and weeds are beginning to increase in number and size on paths and in flower beds.

Protect Your Plants From Disease

It's always better to prevent your plants from being infected with diseases rather than trying to cure them.