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Cleaning Dog Kennels and Catteries with SORTED

The Kiwicare SORTED range of cleaners are ideal for cleaning dog kennels and catteries.


Lichens on trees are harmless but some may consider them unsightly on paths, driveways, roofs and other hard surfaces. How to identify lichen and, if necessary, how to get rid of lichen.

Liverworts on Soils and Paths

Liverworts are often found growing on the soil surface around pot plants or in the cracks between pavers on a path. In most cases, they do not cause harm but they might be regarded as unsightly and you might want to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Moss, Mould, Algae and Lichen Around Your House

Learn how to get rid of moss, mould, algae, lichen and other growth around the exterior of your house and keep it clean.

How to Clean Your House Exterior with Sorted Dirt & Grime

Learn how to clean your house exterior, car, caravan, windows, fences and other surfaces with Kiwicare Sorted Dirt & Grime with the hose end sprayer.

How to Use the Kiwicare Hose End Sprayer - Video

Watch this short video on how to use the Kiwicare hose end sprayer unit which come fitted to some Sorted outdoor cleaners and LawnPro lawn care products.

Get Your Vehicles Ready for Winter

Prepare your Boat, Caravan, Campervan or Trailer for Winter. Clean them now and prevent mould and algae growth so that you have lees work in spring.

SORTED Range of Outdoor Cleaners

Kiwicare recently launched a range of outdoor cleaners for all the outdoor cleaning you will need to do this spring and summer.

Testimonial for Sorted Moss and Mould

Can't stop using it. That is what Kim from Hastings says about Sorted Dirt and Grime outdoor cleaner.