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When to Sow Grass Seed

A common gardening question is ‘when can I sow grass seed’? The answer may surprise you. Read on.

Warm and Cool Season Lawn Grasses

New Zealand has both warm and cool regions. Lawns are most commonly of cool season grasses but in warm regions, particularly coastal areas, warm season grasses can be used for lawns.

What to do About Soggy Soil and Puddles on Your Lawn

Is your soil soggy? Do puddles form on your lawn? Few plants like their roots wet for long periods; most garden plants prefer well-draining soils. What to do about soggy soil.

Can I Mix Products Together to Save Time and Effort Spraying?

A common question is the like of “I am going to spray my fruit trees with fungicide and insecticide can I mix the two products together?”. Being able to mix two products together in one spray can save time and effort, but is it a good thing?

What are Adjuvants and Should You Use Them?

Adjuvants are substances that can be added to sprays to improve the spray’s performance. Those in agriculture, horticulture, nurseries and other commercial operators will be familiar with some adjuvants but should home gardeners also use such products?

Lime, Sulphur and Gypsum

Lime, Sulphur and Gypsum – When and where to use these in your garden.

Measure Soil Fertility by Earthworms

Gardeners know that having earthworms in the soil is good for the soil. But do you know they can tell you the fertility level of the soil?

Rake Up Those Leaves

In Autumn leaves naturally fall off deciduous trees. If the leaves collect on lawns they can 'smother' lawn grasses; shading and squashing grass, encouraging damp conditions under the leaves where disease may flourish. So rake up those leaves regularly.

How to Use LawnPro 7 Day Green

Watch this video on how to fertilise, green and strengthen your lawn. Kiwicare LawnPro 7 Day Green with the ease-to-use Even-Flo spreader.

Autumn Lawn Care

Early autumn is the very best time to get your lawn healthy, weed free, thickened and looking great in preparation for winter. Don’t wait for spring next year as so many do.

How to Water Your Plants

It might seem an easy question to answer; turn on the hose and wet everything. But although plants need water, there are some tips that will mean you provide with the water they need without causing them harm.

6 Things To Do Before You Go On Holiday

These are 6 things you should do before you go away on holiday to the beach, or even if you intend to stay at home over the holiday period.

Kiwicare Garden Problem Solver TV Commercial

Kiwicare Garden Problem Solver television commercial. David Brittain Kiwicare Technical Support Manager talks about the Kiwicare garden problem solver.

Safe Disposal of Chemicals and Containers

How to safely dispose of home and garden product containers and unwanted chemicals.

How to Use LawnPro All-in 1 to Get Rid of Weeds and Moss and Green Your Lawn

Watch this short video on how to use Kiwicare LawnPro All-in-1 in the Even-Flo spreader to get rid of weeds including moss and to green and strengthen your lawn grass.

Bare Lawn? Wear and Tear Repair

Have you got bare patches on your lawn? Identify the cause of the bare patches and learn how to remedy and repair your lawn.

How to Use the Kiwicare LawnPro Even-Flo Spreader - Video

Video on how to use the Even-Flo spreader that is supplied to several Kiwicare LawnPro fertilser, lawn seed and weed control products.

Video on How to Green and Thicken Your Lawn

Watch this video on how to green and thicken your lawn using Kiwicare Lawnpro Lawn Thickener with the easy to use Even-Flo spreader.

LawnPro Lawn Thickener - Before and After

Before and after photos of a lawn treated with LawnPro Lawn Thickener from a recent user of the product (September 2016).

Lawns - To Mulch or Not to Mulch?

Mulching a lawn is when you leave the lawn clippings on the lawn rather than collecting them in the lawn mower catcher. Some lawn mowers can be set to 'mulch'. To mulch or not to much a lawn is a question that can be answered in two ways.

LawnPro Even-Flo Spreader

The Kiwicare/Westland Even-Flo spreader is a patented device for the even and controlled application of granular products to lawns. The design means that users do not contact the granules before or during application.

Kiwicare Lawn Maintenance Calendar

The Kiwicare Guide to Healthy Lawns - Get your Lawn Maintenance Calendar

How to Thicken Your Lawn

By adding new grass seed and soil conditioner, your lawn will grow strong, healthy and thick and is this will help prevent weeds.

How to Videos - Use LawnPro Lawnguard to Control Grass Grub ands Other Lawn Pests

How to use LawnPro Lawnguard granules to get rid of and prevent grass grub, porina caterpillar, cutworm ants and other soil dwelling insect pests in lawns and flowerbeds.

Annual, Biennial and Perennial Weeds - What is the Difference?

Learn what the difference between annual, biennial and perennial weeds is and how to use this information to select the best weed killer herbicide.

Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses - What is the Difference?

We are often asked what the term 'broadleaf weeds' means. Not all broadleaf weeds have broad leaves. Learn the difference between broadleaf weeds (plants) and grasses.

Selective and Non-Selective Weed Killers - What are They?

Kiwicare make selective and non-selective weed killers. What are they and when should you use them?

Post-emergence and Pre-emergence Weed Killers

Kiwicare makes pre-emergence and post-emergence weed killers. What do these terms mean and how are the products used?

There are Over 500 Weed Species in Kiwi Lawns.

Kiwicare LawnPro lawn care products solve the weed problems common in New Zealand lawns. We know because we get rid of them all.

Stop Onehunga Prickles in Your Lawn

Onehunga Prickle Weed is a common weed of lawns and recreational turf and is probably one of the most hated because of its prickly seeds which are painful to walk on.

What are Weeds?

Weeds are plants in the wrong place; where they may look unsightly or cause harm to garden plants, crops or the environment. Weeds are ‘weedy’ because they grow and spread fast, often shading and strangling other plants.

Your Lawn Care Guide

Lawns are the carpets for your outdoor living space. Among the pleasures of the garden are looking at a beautiful, lush, even, green lawn and walking barefoot across it feeling the soft grass underfoot without fear of prickles.

Weeds 101

Weeds are plants growing in the wrong place. They may be in the wrong place because they harm the plants around them, they are unsightly, they encourage pests and disease, or make being in the garden unpleasant.