Frequently Asked Questions - Home Pest Control

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Can I buy larger sizes that those avaialble in store? Yes. Many Kiwicare products are also made in commercial sizes for professional users. Contact us if you would like to know what sizes are available.
Is the product safe for children and pets? Products should be stored out of reach of children and pets. Care should always be taken to keep children and pets away from the area during application of products. Sprays should be left to dry before allowing children or pets to return to the treated areas. Used as directed all Kiwicare products are safe to use where children and pets are present.
Where can I buy these products? Kiwicare products are avaialable in many stores including hardware stores, rural supplies stores, garden centres and supermarkets. See the Stockists Page.
Can I buys these products in Australia, USA, Europe, etc? Currently Kiwicare products are only available in New Zealand (including the Cook Islands).
Can I buy online? No. Because most of these products are pesticides and have hazards they cannot be purchased online. However, many Kiwicare products are listed on websites such as Mitre10 and Bunnings and may be ordered for pick up in store.
Where can I get the Safety Data Sheet (M)SDS for a product? The SDSs for products are available for download under the Regulations tab of the relevant product page on this site.
Does Kiwicare carry out pest control treatments? No. Kiwicare manufactures and distributes products for DIY and professional commercial use. We advise those requiring professional or commercial pest control to use a company and/or technician registered as a member of PMANZ (Pest Management Association of NZ).

     Problem Queries

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I cannot identify the pest using the Problem Solver, how do I find out what it is? We have tried to include the most common pests in the Problem Solver, but if your pest is something not on it please contact us with a detailed description and a photo if possible and we may be able to identify it and give advice on control.
How do I identify the pest bug from bite marks on my skin? It is not usually possible to identify a pest bug from the bite marks on skin. Red, raised and itchy bite marks made by bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, whitetail spiders and others can look very similar. Reactions to house dust mites and other allergens in the environment can also cause marks that look like bites.

These are questions that are commonly asked of Kiwicare Customer Service, store staff, sales team and others regarding pest control and Kiwicare products. We hope you will find the answers you are looking for here. If you don't, please contact us.