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Cats and Rats – Good Pest Control?

Undoubtedly, there are some domestic cats that are good mousers. But most domestic cats are too well fed and only ‘play’ with mice. Few cats, even the good mousers, will tackle a fully-grown rat.

Rodent Damage in Vehicles

Rodents have incisor teeth that are continually growing. As they gnaw they wear the teeth down and sharpen them. Rats and mice gnaw things other than food including wiring and other plastics in vehicles.

Rodent Numbers of "Biblical Proportions".

As many of you will be aware there are more rats and mice causing problems in homes and buildings this year (2017). Rodent numbers are high all over New Zealand and DoC will be doing their bit in the forests to protect birds.

Zombie Flies

Have you found strange looking flies, dead, but still clinging to vegetation or other objects? They could be 'zombie' flies.

Auckland Cockroaches

This year (2016) has seen an explosion of many insect pests in New Zealand. In particular the heat and humidity in Auckland and the north has been suitable for a great increase in cockroaches.

Stop Cluster Flies Now

Late Summer / Early Autumn is the time to Prevent Cluster Flies.

Fair Weather for Pests in Homes and Gardens

The wet weather is influencing the levels of many pests in homes. Pests, some of which would not normally be regarded as a problem, benefit from the warm wet conditions and have a population explosion.

Other Risks from Bugs

There are some other risks from bugs with which we might be a little less familiar; dust mites cause asthma and skin rashes and reactions.

Spiders That Bite

All spiders produce venom but few in New Zealand are able to bite humans and cause any harm. Those that can include the Australian Redback, and white tail spiders and the native katipo.