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LawnPro Lawn Thickener - Before and After

Before and after photos of a lawn treated with LawnPro Lawn Thickener from a recent user of the product (September 2016).


Transplanting is a stressful time for any plant or tree. Root systems consist of branching roots covered in delicate microscopic 'hairs' through which most absorption of water and nutrients takes place.

Measure Soil Fertility by Earthworms

Gardeners know that having earthworms in the soil is good for the soil. But do you know they can tell you the fertility level of the soil?

How to Water Your Plants

It might seem an easy question to answer; turn on the hose and wet everything. But although plants need water, there are some tips that will mean you provide with the water they need without causing them harm.

6 Things To Do Before You Go On Holiday

These are 6 things you should do before you go away on holiday to the beach, or even if you intend to stay at home over the holiday period.

Kiwicare Garden Problem Solver TV Commercial

Kiwicare Garden Problem Solver television commercial. David Brittain Kiwicare Technical Support Manager talks about the Kiwicare garden problem solver.

Safe Disposal of Chemicals and Containers

How to safely dispose of home and garden product containers and unwanted chemicals.

Why Do I Use So Much Slug and Snail Bait?

Slugs and snails eat and damage seedlings of vegetables, bedding plants and other plants in the garden. The most common way to try and control them is with slug and snail toxic baits. Why does it take so much bait to keep control of slugs and snails?

Gro-Sure Easy Flowers - Blooming Easy!

Everyone finds a garden full of colourful, fragrant flowers a pleasing sight, not to mention the feel good factor of helping the bees!

Types of Plant Disease

Plants are susceptible to disease. Many of the plants we grow in our garden have been bred for traits that we desire, such as flowers, large fruit, good flavour and shape.

Winter Spray Program

Ensure your garden explodes with health in spring by taking a little time now to protect your trees, shrubs and roses from pests and diseases.

Butterflies and Caterpillars

One of the many delights of having a garden is seeing and hearing the variety of wildlife it attracts. Birds, bees, butterflies and others add to the garden’s beauty.

Know Your Garden Insect Pests

There are many insect pests that will damage the plants in your garden. Some suck the sap and nutrients from the plants, some eat the leaves and roots, some spread disease to plants and some are a nuisance or danger to people in the garden directly.

Protect Your Plants From Disease

It's always better to prevent your plants from being infected with diseases rather than trying to cure them.