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Acid Lawn Soil

Acidic lawn soil encourages many weeds, restricts the lawn grasses ability to absorb certain nutrients and can negatively affect your lawn's overall health.


Acidity is measured by pH. pH below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. While fine fescues prefer pH of low acidity down to 5.5 most lawn grasses prefer neutral pH between 6.5 and 7.0. Acidic soil may cause deficiency of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous in lawn grass. This will show as pale weedy lawn grass.

Soil test kits are available for checking the soil pH.


Raising soil pH and improvement of soil condition can be accomplished by addition of lime to the soil. Lime has a high pH and will 'sweeten' the soil by raising the pH. Kiwicare LawnPro Feed & Flourish is 70% lime. The lime neutalises the acidic soil and helps release nutrients that the lawn grass may be deficcient in. Raing the pH also helps to control acid loving weeds such as moss, hydrocotyle and shepherd's purse.

After the pH has been corrected you should repair any bare patches of lawn by applying:

Acid loving weeds inlawns are controlled by applying LawnPro Hydrocotyle and LawnPro Mossclear.


Lime should not be added to lawns unless the soil pH is below 6.0. Liming neutral to high pH lawns can lead to chlorosis, general weakening of grass plants, and eventual death.

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