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Agapanthus was introduced as a garden plant but it naturalises and spreads easily in New Zealand, tolerating a wide range of environmental conditions. In the wild it forms dense clumps that exclude other species.


Agapanthus (Agapanthus praecox) is a weed when it spreads into the wild from gardens. It was introduced because of its attractive clumps of long leathery green leaves and purple, blue or white stalked flowers. It is easy to grow and hardy, but this also makes it weedy in the wild.

Agapanthus forms dense clumps with rhizomatous roots that make it difficult to eradicate. It is a prolific seed producer and spreads easily.


Option 1 > Spray with Weed Weapon Extra Strength (plus Kiwicare Dye & Stick) or Weed Weapon Rapid Action Ready to Use. Ensure all parts of the plant are treated and all plants in the colony.

Option 2 > Cut down plant and immediately paint stump with thick layer of Weed Weapon Invade Gel.

Option 3 > Dig out plants and dispose of all root fragments at a transfer station.

Did you know

Native rengarenga lily is similar in leaf form, but has paler leaves and white flowers.

Latin name: Agapanthus praecox


Weed Weapon Extra Strength and  Weed Weapon Rapid Action work best when applied in warm sunny conditions when rain is not expected within 2 hours.

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