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Clean aluminium surfaces such as window frames, fences, trailers and boats.


Aluminium surfaces have a natural non-shiny oxide layer that protects the metal below. This layer will absorb oils from the environment which Sorted Dirt and Grime will remove. The removal of the oils may show as a lightening of the colour of the surface.


For general cleaning of dirt and grime from un-coated aluminium use Kiwicare Sorted Dirt and Grime which safely cleans all outdoor surfaces.

Simply click the pack onto the end of your hose, spray on the formula and leave for 2-3 mins to penetrate. Then hose off. A wipe will aid in the removal of any stubborn marks.

Be aware that bare aluminium has a natural oxidised surface and this will absorb oils from the environment. Sorted Dirt and Grime may remove the oils and lighten the oxide layer.

Sorted Dirt and Grime can be used on all outdoor surfaces.

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