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Arum and Italian Lily

Arum and Italian lilies are tuberous clump forming plants that produce attractive trumpet shaped flowers but they can become weedy and difficult to control. Arum lily is poisonous.


Arum and Italian lilies are evergreen, clump-forming tuberous plants up to 1.5 m tall (Arum) and 60 cm tall (Italian). New tubers arise from shoots on the rootstock. The lilies have dark green, large, arrow-shaped leathery leaves. They produce large white flowers with a yellow spike and yellow-green berries. Italian lilies leaves are distinguished by their prominant pale cream veins.


Option 1 > Spray with Weed Weapon Extra Strength (plus Kiwicare Dye & Stick) or Weed Weapon Rapid Action Ready to Use. Ensure all parts of the plant are treated and all plants in the colony.

Option 2 > Cut down plant and immediately paint stump with thick layer of Weed Weapon Invade Gel.

Option 3 > Dig out plants and dispose of all root fragments at a transfer station.

Did you know

Arum lily is common throughout New Zealand, is poisonous and causes burning sensation if eaten because it contains oxalates which cause an inflammatory condition in the mouth.

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