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Banana Passionfruit

Banana passionfruit vine grows rapidly, forming large, heavy, long-lived tangled masses. Banana passionfruit vines grow rapidly in most soil types, and produce highly viable seed in 2 years. Partly tolerant of shade, damage and drought, and stems root where they touch the ground.


Banana passionfruit vine is fast growing, evergreen, climbing vine (up to 10 m) with long, densely hairy stems which are angular when young, and which have many spiralling tendrils. All year it produces pink hanging flowers. Flowers develop into hanging fruit ripening from green to yellow or orange, with sweet edible orange pulp and dark red seeds.

Banana passionfruit is one of the Dirty Dozen in New Zealand's War on Weeds .


Cut and Swab

  • Cut back the plant leaving approximately 20 leaves at the bottom close to the roots.
  • Paint Weed Weapon Invade Gel on the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves and onto the cut ends. It is systemic so it will kill down to the roots and is inactivated in the soil and will not affect neighbouring plants.
  • Death of Moth plant can take up to 14 days.


Did you know

There are two species Passiflora mollissima and P. mixta. Both species are virtually identical in appearance and characteristics.

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