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Bear's Breeches

Bear's breeches is a weed where it has escaped from gardens.


Bear's breeches, also known as bear's foot and oyster plant, spraeds easily by seed and vegetatively. It can quickly form dense infestations particularly in shaded areas.


Apply Weed Weapon Rapid Action  ready to use, or Weed Weapon Extra Strength concentrate with Dye & Stick, all year round. Follow up on re-sprouting areas twice a year.

Cut down bear's breeches and immediately apply Weed Weapon Invade Gel  to all cut ends to kill root systems effectively.

Small patches can be dug out but ensure all roots are removed as these will re-sprout. Dispose of plant material at a refuse transfer station or burn. Check for regrowth.

Did you know

Seed of Bear's Breaches spread via gravity, water and animals, and the plant can also spread vegetatively from root fragments.

It impacts the environment because it can form dense infestations under tree canopy and in dry, sandy conditions, suppressing regeneration of other plants.

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