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  • Bindweed
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Bindweed is a term used to describe many creeping and climbing weeds including convolvulus and blue morning glory.


Common bindweed and convolvulus are vining weeds with large white trumpet flowers similar to that of blue morning glory. The weeds scramble and climb by winding their stems around other upright plants, trees and fences. The roots are deep and have rhizomes.

Its vegetative reproduction means that control by digging out is rarely enough on its own. Systemic herbicide should be used repeatedly to kill the weed and its root system.



  1. Cut down and paint stump (all year round): Weed Weapon Invade Gel . – It is best to apply the gel immediately after cutting (within 15 seconds) – so cut paste, cut paste…..
  2. Cut vines at waist height (summer-autumn) and spray foliage below: Weed Weapon Extra Strength – for best results ensure full coverage. Follow up 2 weeks later to check that slashed stems have not re-sprouted, if they have do 1 or 2.
  3. Hand pull, dig out roots (all year round). Dispose of roots at a refuse transfer station or bury deeply.

Large areas

Weed Weapon Extra Strength or Woody Weeds should be sprayed on large areas* of bindweed, taking care not to spray desirable plants. Woody Weeds and Weed Weapon Extra Strength are systemic herbicides and will kill right down to roots. Well established bindweed like convolvulus may take several treatments to kill all root systems and rhizomes or spot treat as below.

*Cut vines at waist height (summer-autumn) and spray foliage below; the more of the weed that is sprayed the better the control will be.

Spot painting

Creeping and spreading weeds can be controlled without risk to surrounding plants and without digging out difficult root systems using Kiwicare Weed Weapon Invade Gel. You may want to cut the weed back leaving only a few (at least 20) leaves at the bottom close to the roots, in this case also treat cut ends.

Paint as many leaves as possible on both the upper and lower surfaces with a good coat of Weed Weapon Invade Gel. Rhizomatous, grass and single location weeds can also be spot treated by painting brushing gel over leave surfaces. Leave weeds to absorb and trans-locate herbicide into roots.

Ensure treated leaves do not contact desirable plants. Death of weeds may take over 14 days.

Spot treatments can be carried out at any time but work best during vigorous growth in spring and autumn. Do not use when rain is due within 12 hours. If new growth is seen, re-treat the new growth.

Preventing growth

Weed Weapon Preventer can be used in areas where weeds have been cleared to prevent germination of seeds and growth of bulbs in the soil. This is useful when areas have been cleared for planting.

Did you know

The bindweeds include:

  • The greater bindweed - Calystegi sylvatica
  • Common bindweeds - Convolvulus species
  • Blue morning glory - Ipomoea indica


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