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Bird Droppings

Clean off bird droppings from cars, decks, walls, boats and more.


Bird droppings, left un-removed from surfaces such as your car, can cause damage. Bird droppings can be acidic and damage metal, stone, painted and wooden surfaces.

Contrary to popular belief the damage on car paint is not because the bird droppings are acidic, although the uric acid in them can have a pH of 3.5 - 4.0, it is because as the paint lacquer warms under the sun, it softens and expands. At the same time, the bird droppings on your car dry and harden on the surface. This results in paintwork that appears dulled or etched as the light's reflection is interrupted by the imperfect surface unlike the undamaged paint surrounding it which gives a clearer reflection.

Let Sorted Dirt and Grime penetrate and loosen the bird droppings before rinsing off. You may need to re-apply cleaner more than once to get good loosening and don't let the product dry on the surface.


General Cleaning

For general cleaning of bird droppings from outdoor surfaces such as decks, boats, awnings, windscreens, weatherboards and windows use Sorted Dirt and Grime which safely cleans and loosens droppings.

Simply click the pack onto the end of your hose, spray on the formula and leave for 2-3 mins to loosen the bird droppings. Then hose off. A wipe or brush will aid in the removal of the marks.

Sorted Dirt and Grime removes mud, dust, salt water, surface oil, bird droppings, insect marks and many other types of every day outdoor problems.

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