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Blackberry Bramble

Blackberry (also known as bramble) is a member of the rose family. It has very thorny semi-upright stems and is often found as a tangle of stems in hedgerows and un-controlled areas.


Blackberry forms dense, long-lived clumps of thorny vegetation. It scrambles over the ground and low plants, has an extensive rhizome system, occasionally layering and seeding. Blackberry tolerates most soil types, drought and flood but is intolerant of dense shade. It is common in hedgerows and open areas where weeds have been allowed to grow uncontrolled. It produces edible black berries in late summer.


Spray (summer-autumn, before leaves become brittle) with Weed Weapon Extra Strength or LawnPro Prickle Control with Dye & Stick  ensuring complete coverage.

Cut down and paint stumps with Weed Weapon Invade Gel .

For small patches dig out and dispose of root crowns and rhizomes at a refuse transfer station or burn or bury deeply.

Did you know

Blackberry bramble has the scientific name Rubus fruticosus. It is a close relative of the japanese wineberry, raspberry and the rambler rose.

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