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Blight is a symptom caused by fungal and bacterial diseases that infect plants. Shoots and leaves quickly brown off and die.


Blight is a symptom of diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. The symptoms incude browning off and dieing of shoots, leaving withered leaves, flowers and fruits. Diseases include, apple fire blight, needle blight of pine trees, potato blight and grass late blight.


Prune out infected shoots.

Apply Organic Super Sulphur which is suitable for use on vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals and roses and has no withholding period.

For shrubs and ornamentals use PLANThealth Rose Force.

Avoid excessive use of fertilisers which are high in nitrogen as it helps spread the infection.

Did you know

There are many fungi that cause blight diseases. Among the most notorious are the phytopthera diseases that cause the potato blight and kauri dieback. The potato blight destroyed the potato crops in Ireland triggering the famine. Kuari dieback is killing the iconic Kauri trees of New Zealand.

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