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  • Blooming broom
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Broom is a bright yellow flowered, much branched shrub. It is a weed in waste areas, river beds, hill country and waste places.


Broom is bushy shrub which grows up to 3 metres tall. It has yellow flowers which produce explosive seed pods. Broom is seen spreading across exposed hillsides, river beds, and low fertility farmland in many parts of New Zealand but it is also common on roadsides, in waste areas and will invade gardens.


Spray entire plant with Weed Weapon Extra Strength  concentrate made up with Dye & Stick  or Weed  Weapon Rapid Action ready to use.

Alternatively cut down the broom and immediately paint the stumps with Weed Weapon Invade Gel.

Did you know

Broom is a common weed found throughout New Zealand in reverbeds, hedgerows, scrubland and hill country.

Latin names: Broom - Cytisus scoparius, White broom - Cytisus multiflorus, Spanish broom - Spartium junceum.

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