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Buddleia grows quickly, and forms self-replacing thickets. Buddleia is extremely versatile, tolerating a wide range of (especially poor) soils, hot to cold, wet to moderately dry conditions, deep shade or open areas, damage, and wind.


Buddleia is a deciduous multi-stemmed shrub up to 3 m tall. Stems are bluntly angled, clad in tufts of easily-removed soft woolly hairs. It has thin leaves which are usually hairless above, white or hairy grey underneath, and finely toothed. Flowers are dense, cone-shaped hanging clusters made up of many fragrant purple or white flowers with orange insides are produced from December to February.

Buddleia is one of the Dirty Dozen in New Zealand's War on Weeds .


Spray (summer-autumn, before leaves become brittle) with Weed Weapon Extra Strength  with Dye & Stick, or Rapid Action,  ensuring complete coverage.

Cut down and paint stumps with Weed Weapon Invade Gel.

For small patches dig out and dispose of root crowns and rhizomes at a refuse transfer station.

Did you know

The latin namr for Buddleia is Buddleja davdii.

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