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Buttercups are common weeds in damp areas of lawns and pastures.


Buttercups tend to be a problem in damp parts of lawns. Buttercup can tolerate wet soil conditions better than many other species, so buttercup out competes the grasses, and creeping buttercup in particular spreads rapidly. Giant buttercup is not as common as creeping buttercup but is the most aggressive of the buttercups found in New Zealand. It is commonly found in parts of the North Island.


In Lawns
Buttercup, particularly creeping buttercup can be difficult to eradicate from lawns. Kiwicare LawnPro Turfclean applied to the lawn will control it but a second application may be necessary for erradication.

In Flowerbeds
In flowerbeds or on paths Weed Weapon Extra Strength or Rapid Action will control buttercup quickly without harming soil.

In Paths and Driveways
Weed Weapon Long Term will kill buttercup and prevent its return for several months making it particularly useful on paths, driveways and other non-cultivated areas.

Did you know

Creeping buttercup spreads vegetatively by producing stolons. The stolons allow creeping buttercup to spread laterally quite quickly into nearby weed-free areas.

Buttercup species in New Zealand include:

  • Giant buttercup - Ranunculus acris
  • Hairy buttercup - Ranunculus sardous
  • Creeping buttercup - Ranunculus repens


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