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Buxus Blight

Buxus blight is a disease of box hedging plants. It causes dieback and browning off of leaves and shoots.


Buxus blight (box blight) is a disease caused by the fungus Cylindrocladium buxicola. It has become common in the UK, Europe and in New Zealand.



  • We advise using Thiram Fungus Control to prevent spread of buxus blight
  • Sterilize garden implements when trimming the buxus.
  • Improve air flow around plants.
  • Clear up and burn or dispose of dead leaves and other material around affected plants.


If your buxus are already infected:

  • Prune out all badly infected limbs. Sterilise your prunning equipment with dilute bleach or meths between plants.
  • Clear away leaf litter from in and under the buxus.
  • Spray Root Protect Aliette to the foliage and drench the roots using a watering can.
  • Alternatively success has been reported using PLANThealth Rose Force.

Did you know

Box blight is caused by two fungi - Cylindrocladium buxicola and Volutella buxi

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