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Cleavers is a common annual weed found in gardens. The leaves, stems and fruit 'stick' to clothing.


Cleavers is an annual weed that clings strongly to clothing as if it is sticky. The leaves, stems and fruits are actually covered with tiny hooks which help them "stick" to fibres.

It is a climbing and crawling weed with long weak stems. It uses the hooks to climb up over surrounding plants and structures such as fences. The fruits are spread by clinging to animals and then falling off far from the parent plants.


Cleavers have shallow root systems and are easily pulled out. Use Kiwicare Weed Weapon Extra Strength or Rapid Action  to spray and kill cleavers taking care not to spray garden plants.

In organic gardens Organic Weedfree Rapid will effectively kill cleavers.

To prevent germination of seed and growth of bulbs use Weed Weapon Long Term or Weed Weapon Preventer can be used in areas once weeds have been cleared.

Did you know

Cleavers is a weed of the bedstraw family which incudes a very similar weed called sleder bedtraw with a smaller more slender stems.

Latin names: Cleavers - Galium aparine, Slender bedstraw - Galium divaricatum

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