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Climbing Asparagus

Climbing asparagus fern weed is a fast growing, rapid coloniser. It is very shade tolerant and kills host plants by smothering or ring barking. It carpets the ground preventing regrowth of seedlings. It is spread by birds and garden dumping.


Climbing aspargus has tough, long-lived tubers that resprout easily, moderate growth rate and well dispersed seeds. Tolerates moderate to heavy shade, most soil types, moderate to high rainfall, and hot to cold temperatures.

Climbing asparagus is one of the Dirty Dozen in New Zealand's War on Weeds .


Spray (summer-autumn, before leaves become brittle) with Weed Weapon Extra StrengthRapid Action    or LawnPro Prickle Control with Dye & Stick ensuring complete coverage.

Cut down and paint stumps with Weed Weapon Invade Gel.

For small patches dig out and dispose of root crowns and rhizomes at a refuse transfer station.

Did you know

The latin name of Climbing asparagus is Asparagus scandens.

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