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Climbing Weeds

There are a variety of weeds that will climb and scramble up trees, walls, fences and through the growth of other plants. They include, ivy, convolvulus and cleavers.


Climbing weeds such as ivy, convolvulus and cleavers are weeds that will climb up vertical surfaces such as trees, shrubs, walls, fences and posts. They will also creep and spread along the ground and are therefore also creeping weeds. Climbing weeds can cover and strangle desirable plants in a garden and can damage walls, fences and posts.


If all the climbing weeds can be sprayed without harm to whatever the weed is climbing then spray all parts of the weed with Weed Weapon Rapid Action or Weed Weapon Extra Strength with Dye & Stick.The addition of Dye & Stick will improve performance on weeds with waxy leaves such as ivy.

In other cases cut the weeds to the base and apply Invade Gel  to the remaining lower leaves and cut ends.

Did you know

The climbing weeds climb by attaching themselves to the vertical surface. Ivy stick to trees, walls and fences by way of aerial roots that adhere to the surface. Convolvulus bindweeds twine themselves around objects like trees, branches, posts and other things. Cleavers have 'sticky' stems, leaves and seeds that help them cling to vertical objects.

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