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Dogs are not usually regarded as pests, however, if they are toileting in inappropriate areas it can be a nuisance and a risk to health.


Dogs not under the control of owners may be a nuisance if they defecate in inappropriate areas such as vegetable gardens or where children play. Dog faeces can carry parasitic round worms and tape worms that can be picked up and affect humans. They can also contain Toxocara worm eggs which can cause Toxacaiasis.

A dog infested with small round worm releases large numbers of worm eggs in its faeces, which can then contaminate the soil.

Children who then play with with contaminated soil can then inadvertently put their fingers in their mouths and can swallow some of the worm eggs. The swallowed eggs hatch in the intestine of the child to liberate larvae, which then travel towards the liver, lungs, brain and eyes.


Dogs can be deterred from using a garden as their toilet. NO Cats & Dogs is a thiram based spray that cats and dogs find repulsive. Repeated use of NO Cats & Dogs where dog toilet will break their habit.

This product will leave a white residue that can be difficult to remove, so take care not to use it where the residue will be unsightly.

Did you know

Feral dogs are major biodiversity pest in New Zealand causing great damage to native birds including kiwi, reptiles and invertebrates. It is important to make sure your pet dog is not allowed to go wild or to get into areas where they could damage New Zealand's native creatures and biodiversity.

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