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Water is essential for all plants. Drought, or lack of water, will stress plants and eventually kill them.


Plants need water for cell chemistry and use it to transport food and nutrients and to keep cool. Drought causes wilting as turgor falls, overheating, lack of food and nutrient and eventual death.

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It seems obvious that to avoid stressing your plants with lack of water that you should water them regularly. However, different plants need different amounts of water. Deep rooting plants will be better able to find water and plants that have evolved to cope with drought will be better able to survive periods of drought. Some plants 'prefer' to have less water and over watering can also encourage disease, cause plants stress and death. It is therefore important to water plants to a level appropriate to that plant.

When planting bedding plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs add Gro-Sure Planting Magic  to the hole and soil fill. This gives the plants the best root establishment and to provide all the nutrients, organic matter and humus the plant will need for the whole season.

> Check plants for signs of stress caused by lack of water such as wilting, browning leaf tips, yellowing leaves and slow growth.

> Soil type is important for water retention.
Light sandy soils will drain quickly and watering will need to be more frequent.
Clay soils will drain more slowly but water may be bound to clay particles and plants less able to access it. Take care not to over water in clay soils as the soil may become saturated and plant root will be starved of oxygen.

Soils should have a good level of organic matter which will hold water like a sponge reducing water loss and allowing drainage so that roots are aerated.

See also Wilting of Indoor Houseplants


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