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Clear dust and dirt from weatherboards, walls, driveways, paths, cars, boats windows and more.


Dust outdoors will consist of a variety of materials including abrasive clays, sand and mud. Particularly on polished surfaces such as cars using mechanical brushing or wiping can cause minute scratches that cause dulling of the surface. Using Sorted Dirt and Grime spray on wash off product applied from a hose end sprayer is the easy way to remove dust without risking abrasion of the car polished paint.


General Cleaning

For general cleaning of dust and dirt from outdoor surfaces use Sorted Dirt and Grime which safely cleans and loosens dust and dirt.

Simply click the pack onto the end of your hose, spray on the formula and leave for 2-3 mins to penetrate. Then hose off. A wipe or brush will aid in the removal of any stuck on dirt or dust.

Sorted Dirt and Grime removes mud, dust, salt water, surface oil, bird droppings, insect marks, and many other types of every day outdoor problems.

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