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Earthworm casts can be a problem for bowls and golf clubs causing damage to greens.


Earthworms are normally regarded as the lawn's friend, aerating and fertilizing the soil. However, bowls clubs and golf clubs often wish to get rid of worms in their highly manicured greens. The activity of worms will disrupt the perfect smoothness of the surface and worm casts could drastically influence the trajectory of balls and bowls.


Earthworms are the gardener's best friend, aerating and fertilising soil. Only in specific circumstances such as bowling and putting greens should they be controlled.

Carbaryl Insect Control (discontinued) can be applied to bowling greens and other grass areas where worms are not wanted. For the control of earthworms apply at a rate of 30 g per 20 litres of water in an area of 10 m2.

Did you know

Earthworms are members of the class - Oligochaeta.

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