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Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are rings of darker green that spread in lawns and turf. There may also be mushrooms growing from these rings.


Fairy rings are caused by the spreading growth of a fungal infection in the soil of lawns and turf. As the fungus spreads through the soil it releases nutrients from the soil that encourage the growth and greening of the grass. These rings will expand as the front of the infection grows. When the fungus enters its reproductive stage mushrooms, toadstools or other fruiting bodies may appear on the ring.

Fairy ring fungi cause mottling and uneven greeness of lawns and some will harm the lawn grass particularly in dry conditions when the mycelia of the fungi coat the roots of the grass.


The fungal infection causing fairy rings can be controlled by using Thiram Fungus Control  on the lawn or turf.

Fungal diseases on lawns are exacerbated by stress caused by draught, poor drainage, low soil fertility, soil pH and excessively low cutting. Try to address any ways that your lawn may be under stress; improve drainage if over wet, water if over dry, adjust soil pH to 6.5-7.0 or raise the cutting height of your lawn mower.

Did you know

Some fairy rings may grow to a diameter of 10 metres.

Fairy rings can also be found in wooded areas.


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