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Most flies pose a threat to hygiene and are a nuisance to humans and animals. Blow flies, house flies, fruit flies and other species of flying insects are major pests of homes, farms, shops, factories and other urban and rural places of human habitation.


The true flies are insects of the order Diptera (meaning: two winged) and include common pests like houseflies, lesser house flies, blowflies, cluster fliesmidges, crane flies, fruit flies and other pest species that enter our homes and workplaces.

Flies are vectors of a large number of diseases including gastroenteritis, dysentery, typhoid, polio, salmonella and tuberculosis. Others, such as sandflies, are a direct irritant, biting humans and sometimes causing painful reactions.

Numerous bristles on the flies' legs pick up and distribute germ laden particles wherever they go from rotten animal waste to your sandwich.

In warmer climates, breeding continues throughout the year. Eggs are laid in moist decaying animal or vegetable matter and animal waste. The maggots (larvae) of flies feed voraciously on the food matter before pupating and emerging as adult flies.

House Flies

Two groups of flies are grouped under the term house fly (or housefly) these are of the Muscaand Fannia genus. Fannia are lesser house flies and are a little smaller that Musca house flies. Lesser house flies are often the type that are seen flying in angular patterns around the centre of a room. They can keep flying all day and will only land at night. This makes them a little more difficult to control using surface treatment alone.

House flies breed in decaying matter, so search for these breeding sites around the affected buildings and remove the source or treat with NO Bugs Super.

Blow Flies

Blue bottle and green bottle flies have shinny metallic looking bodies and are larger than houseflies and are associated with rotten meat where their eggs are laid and the larvae (maggots) feed before pupating and emerging as adult flies. An infestation of blow flies suggests a dead animal carcase in the vicinity e.g. a dead rat in the roof space. Check for possible sources and carry out treatment as suggested above.

Fruit Flies

Because of the particular habits of fruit flies they are dealt with in the fruit fly page.

Cluster Flies

Because of the particular habits of cluster flies they are dealt with in the cluster fly page.


To get rid of flies follow these steps:

  1. Clear - Search for and remove fly breeding sites, fly food sources and dead flies. Clear drains, check compost heaps and bins for maggots, and use NO Bugs Super in areas outside where flies congregate. Breeding sites such as compost heaps can be sprayed with NO Bugs Indoor  or NO Bugs Super to kill eggs and maggots. To kill flies in rubbish bins and keep them smelling fresh use Sorted cleaners and then NO Bugs Super.
  2. Barriers - Reduce the risk of flies gaining entry to your home. Where possible keep doors and windows closed.
  3. Clean - Remove or cover food that might be attracting flies.
  4. Prevent - Treat internal and external surfaces where flies land with NO Bugs Indoor  or NO Bugs Super long lasting surface sprays.
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    1-2-3 Fly Control Programme

Did you know

Generalised Life cycle

The complete metamorphosis cycle can be as short as 7 - 9 days in ideal conditions.

Eggs to Maggots 8 - 24 hours
Maggots to pupa 4 - 5 days
Pupa to Adult fly 2 - 7 days


The lesser house fly is often found flying in an angular flight path around the centre of a room. Annoyingly it may do this all day without landing on a surface. It is regarding the room as a shaded, draftless area below a tree. Sometimes changing the lighting and air currents in a room will stop these annoying pests staying in the room.

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