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Tutsan (Hypercum androaemum) and St.John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) are common weeds of waste places. St John's Wort can be toxic to animals.


Hypericum weeds include Tutsan and St. John's Wort.
St. John's wort is a hairless erect woody weed up to a metre tall with clusters of yellow flowers. Tutsan looks similar but grows to 1.5 metres.



Spray entire colony of hypericum with Weed Weapon Extra Strength concentrate made up with Dye & Stick or Weed Weapon Rapid Action ready to use. It is important that all parts of the hypericum colony are sprayed so that all parts of the root system are effected by the systemic active ingredients.

If horsetail re-sprouts from the root, treat again.

For long term control in paths, driveways and other non-cultivated areas use Weed Weapon Long Term .

Did you know

St John’s wort has long been used for a variety of purposes including treating burns and skin disorders through to depression.

It has also been used as an ingredient for distilling vodka, and as a source of red, yellow, purple and orange dyes.

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