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Wear and Tear

Lawns will get worn where there is regular traffic due to physical damage to the lawn grass and compaction of the lawn soil.


Bare patches on your lawn or turf may be due to physical damage from regular walking on a particular area, children's play, damage from items such as trampolines, tables and other objects, animals scraping the lawn, cutting the lawn too tightly and others.


  • De-thatch the worn area to remove dead grass material. Rake the dead grass out in small areas or use a mechanical de-tahtcher for larger areas.
  • Aerate the soil - use a garden fork and insert the fork into the soil 10-15 cm and ease the fork back gently to open up the soil. Do this at 30 cm intervals across the lawn and particularly in the worn areas.
    Alternatively you can use a mechanical lawn aerator (these are readily available for hire.
  • Water thoroughly to get the deep soil moist.
  • When the grass has dried apply LawnPro Smart Patch MixLawnPro Lawn Thickener or LawnPro Smart Seed to the worn patches and water again gently.
  • Stay of the treated area of lawn until the new seed has established; usually 6-8 weeks.


  • Avoid leaving items such as trampolines, paddling pools, tables, tents, etc. on the same part of a lawn for more than 2 days.
  • If lawn damage is due to walking over the lawn as a regular route from A to B consider making a paved pathway on this route.
  • Keep overhanging trees and shrubs cut back to ensure lawn grass is recieving sufficient light and rain.

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