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Leaf Miner

Leaf miners are tiny larvae of flies or moths that live and feed in the interior of the leaves of many plants causing mottling and curling damage to leaves.


There are many different insect larvae, usually flies or moths, that are leaf miners.

Leaf mining insect larvae emerge from eggs that the adult females lay on leaves. The larvae burrow and feed their way through the leaves between the upper and lower cuticles. Sometimes this is seen as meandering tracks of pale colouration on the leaves or as growing spots and mottling of the leaves. The leaves will curl and as the affected parts of the leaves die they will die, brown and fall out leaving shot hole like symptoms.

Note: Some diseases cause shot hole symptoms similar to some leaf miners.


Prevention is better than cure - Use PLANThealth Insect Hit, Rose Force , Spectrum or Organic Insect Control Pyrethrum applied to leaves, timed to coincide with periods when egg laying occurs - usually shortly after leaves have expanded in spring.

Control of Leaf Miners in Trees, Shrubs and Ornamantals

Apply PLANThealth Insect Hit Granules on the the soil around the roots of affected plants. This kills is systemic and taken up by the roots of the plant to control the leaf miners, other chewing and sap sucking aphids insects directly.

Note: Some diseases cause shot hole symptoms similar to leaf miners.


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