• Branch with yello lichen
  • Lichens on a rock
  • Lichen on tree
  • Branch with yello lichen
  • Lichens on a rock
  • Lichen on tree

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Lichens grow on hard surfaces such as trees, paths, drives and rocks. They are not plants but are symbiotic combinations of fungi and algae or cyano-bacteria.


Lichens are flat tough patches of often circular leaf-like thallus on hard surfaces. They are symbiotic combinations of fungi and algae or cyanobacteria. The fungi are able to extract nutrients for the substrate and the algae or cyanobacteria produce food by photosynthesis.

Lichens can be regarded as unsightly when growing on paths, drives or tree trunks. They do not usually cause any disease or damage when growing on trees. They can be of many different colours; common forms are grey, green, black, orange, yellow.


Lichen can be controlled using LawnPro Mossclear. Spray on affected surfaces including tree trunks and leave for several weeks for lichen to die. It can then be scrapped or brushed off or left to weather off over time.

You can also use Organic Super Sulphur as a protectant in Spring, Autumn & Winter and/or at first sign of lichens.

Lichen growing driveways, paths and other hard surfaces will be controlled with Kiwicare Sorted Moss and Mould. This powerful targeted formulation kills damaging moss, mould, algae and lichen and it goes on to protect the surfaces all season long.

Did you know

The fungal partner of many lichens produce antibiotics which protect the colony from bacteria and other organisms that would attack it. Lichens are very slow growing but very hardy some survive in the most difficult locations. There are lichens that can survive, salt spray, servere drought, severe cold, low nutrients, exposure to high light and low light, they are a facinating symbiosis.

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