• Stone with gey and yellow lichen
  • Gravel path with lichen
  • Lichens on a rock
  • Stone with gey and yellow lichen
  • Gravel path with lichen
  • Lichens on a rock

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Kill and remove lichen from outdoor surfaces such as driveways, paths, walls and stone.


Lichens are symbiotic combinations of algae and fungi (mould) or bacteria. They are very slow growing and hardy. Lichens are able to live in places with poor nutrients and where other organisms would find the conditions too harsh. They can survive severe drought, low light, high light, heat and cold. But Sorted Moss and Mould will kill the lichen and prevent its return for many months. It will however, take time weather off once dead so once the lichen is dead either remove with scrubbing or be patient and leave it to weather off naturally.


Removal and prevention of lichen growth

If your outdoor surface is stained with lichen, moss, black moulds, algae or other biological growth, use Sorted Moss and Mould. This powerful targeted formulation kills damaging moss, mould, algae and lichen and it goes on to protect the surfaces all season long.

Simply click the pack onto the end of your hose, spray on the formula and leave. The foam penetrates the surface killing the damaging organisms and they will then weather off naturally over time. 

Sorted Moss and Mould kills and prevents moss, mould, liverwort, lichen and algae.

In lawns and flowerbeds

LawnPro Mossclear can be used to control lichen in lawns and flowerbeds.

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