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Maggots are the larvae of flies and other insects. It is often the larvae that cause damage in homes and gardens. Maggots feed on decaying food, vegetable and animal matter. How to control and get rid of maggots.


Grubs, larvae or maggots - these are the young immature stages of insects. Many insects have four stages of life cycle; egg, larva, pupa and adult. Fly larvae are known as maggots. Most maggots feed on rotting material. E.g. Blow fly larvae are normally found on decaying meat, house fly larvae on rotting vegetable matter or feces, and fruit fly larvae on fermenting fruit material.

Other insect larvae that might be encountered as pests in New Zealand homes include clothes moth larvae which can damage fabrics such as cotton, carpet beetle larvae which will eat woollen fibres in carpets and clothes, case moth larvae will use fibres from natural or synthetic material to protect themselves in a fibrous tube.

Also there are flea larvae that are tiny (2-3mm) pale larvae that you may find eating dust, and skin cells in carpets around pet bedding or where fleas are a problem. See the flea page.


To get rid of maggots follow these steps:

A good way to control maggots are to find and clean away the decaying material that they are feeding on. E.g. Blow flies and their maggots usually indcate a dead animal such as a rat and fruit flies or their larvae suggest rotting fruit.

Fly maggots > Clean up maggots and spray areas with NO Bugs Indoor  or NO Bugs Super. To kill flies in rubbish bins and keep them smelling fresh use Sorted cleaners and then NO Bugs Super.

Fibre damaging larvae > Clean up larvae and spray areas with NO Bugs Indoor.

Flea larvae > Clean up larvae and spray areas with NO Fleas Total.

For maggots in roof voids (and other similar situations) > We recommend you use either NO Bugs Borafume  or  NO Bugs Bug Bombs  in the roof void. These will kill the maggots and the flies that may be present.

Did you know

Take care not to put cooked food or sweet material on compost heaps as this is ideal material for breeding flies. Only put green material or twigs on compost heaps.

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