• Mallow weed
  • Creeping mallow with small orange pink flowers
  • Mallow weed
  • Creeping mallow with small orange pink flowers

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Mallows are common weeds of waste areas and untended gardens. They vary from small weeds of lawns to tall plants up to 2 metres.


Mallows vary in form from creeping to tall and upright but almost all have 5-7 lobbed soft leaves with toothed edges. Their attractive flowers are veined pink or pink/white and bell shaped.


Mallows can be effectively spot sprayed with Weed Weapon Extra StrengthRapid Action or Direct Hit . Or if small or creeping variants have established in lawns use LawnPro Turfclean to effectively control them without harm to lawn grasses.

Did you know

Mallows are of the genus Malvaceae. This is derived from 'Malva' the greek for soft or soothing because a emollient can be produced from the seeds. There are several species of mallow weed in the family including tree mallow, small-flowered mallow, large-flowered mallow, Turk's cap, creeping mallow and paddy lucerne.

Latin names: Tree mallow - Malva dendromorpha, Small-flowered mallow - Malva parviflora, Large-flowered mallow - Malva sylvestris, Turk's cap - Malvaviscus arboreus, Creeping mallow -Modiola caroliniana, Paddy lucerne - Sida rhombifolia.

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