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Millipedes are multi-legged creatures often found in gardens.


Millipedes are not usually regarded as a pest int he garden as they usually only feed on leaf litter and other decaying vegetation. However, they can sometimes wander indoors and they do on occasion eat live vegetation, causing damage plants in the garden if their numbers grow out of hand. Millipedes are usually black and their many legs are under their sausage shaped bodies. Centipedes on the other hand have their legs out to the side of their body.


To get rid of millipedes follow these steps:

Kiwicare LawnPro Lawnguard can be sprinkled on soil and gravel areas where millipedes are found. It should be watered in well with a sprinkler or good shower of rain.

To stop millipedes moving indoors apply a barrier of LawnPro Lawnguard or PLANThealth Insect Hit Granules in a ring around the building and spray around the base of walls, around vents, doorways and windows with NO Bugs Super.

Did you know

Millipede means 'a thousand feet' but millipedes rarely have more than a hundred legs and feet.

Millipedes are members of the subphylum Myriapoda which includes the centipedes.

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