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Millipedes are multi-legged sausage shaped creatures that usually live in garden leaf litter but occasionally wander into homes. Their name suggests 1000 legs but they rarely have more than a hundred. How to control and get rid of millipedes and stop them coming indoors.


Millipedes are garden creatures that sometimes wander into homes where they can be regarded as a pest. They have many legs, typically 40-50 pairs although their name suggests a thousand legs no millipede has this many.They have a cylindrical body and hold their legs underneath the body.

They are generally slow moving and feed on plant material and leaf litter in the garden. When numbers rise they often wander into homes where they can cause consternation.


It is best to stop the millipedes wandering into the house.

> Apply LawnPro Lawnguard granules in a ring around the home and water in. This soil insecticide will control millipedes and other soil dwelling creatures before they come inside.
> NO Bugs Super  can also be sprayed inside and outside where millipedes are seen. Pay particular attention to the base of walls, vents, doorways and windows. NO Bugs Indoor can be used to control pests indoors.

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