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It is often mould growing on surfaces that make them appear dirty. Kill, remove and prevent mould from exterior surfaces.


Moulds outside are most often black. The black colouration comes from their microscopic spores on the fruiting bodies. But the majority of the mould growth is actually composed of root-like hyphae that grow into and penetrate the pores of the porous surface they are living on. It is therefore important that cleaners do not just kill the surface mould, but penetrate the pores of the surface and kill the mould to it's 'roots. Sorted Moss and Mould is specially formulated to penetrate the pores and kill deep down.


Removal and prevention of mould

If your outdoor surface is stained with moulds, moss, algae, lichen or other biological growth, use Sorted Moss and Mould. This powerful targeted formulation kills damaging mould, moss, algae and lichen. It goes on to protect the surfaces all season long. This hose end sprayer is easy to use; simply click the pack onto the end of your hose and spray on and leave, without rinsing off. Sorted Moss and Mould penetrates the surface killing the damaging organisms and they will then weather off naturally over time. 

Sorted Moss and Mould kills and prevents moss, mould, liverwort, lichen and algae.

For fast spot treatment

For small areas of hard to remove mould spray with Sorted Tough Stains . This handy trigger pack is ready to use and removes many tough stains in seconds with an advanced formula that is stronger for longer. Be aware, Sorted Tough Stains contains bleach and may damage some surfaces, check the Sorted Tough Stains page for more information.

Sorted Tough Stains removes staining caused by algae, mould and many other marks.

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