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Needle Blight

Needle blight is a disease that usually affects pine trees, killing off the tip of the needles and branch tips.


Needle blight is a disease that usually affects pine trees. Needle blight first appears as darkgreen, water-soaked spots on the needles. The spots become tan, yellow, or reddish-brown. 

The tip of the needle beyond the band eventually dies leaving the base of the needle alive and green. Young trees are more likely to suffer damage than older trees.


Spraying with Organic Super Sulphur will prevent new infections, but will not cure diseased needles.

A spray of Spectrum or  Plant Health Rose Force in early June is sufficient to provide protection of new foliage. However, a second application three to four weeks later will provide more complete control.

Did you know

Needle blight is caused by the fungi Cyclaneusma minus and Dothistroma pini.

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