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Common nettle is an annual weed with short stinging bristles on it's stems and leaves.


Annual nettle is the common weed form but there is also a perennial nettle that has a rhizomatous root sytem and grows in clumps.

Nettle is an erect annual weed that grows up to 60cm tall, with short stinging bristles on the stems and leaves.

Nettle is usually found in waste areas of gardens, coastal cliffs and under trees. It is most common in the North Island (except for North Auckland and Taranaki) and in parts of the South Island.


For quick and effective control of nettles apply Weed Weapon Extra Strength or Rapid Action . It will knock down nettles in 2-7 days.

For woody mature nettles apply Weed Weapon Woody Weed Control to all parts of the plant. It will control nettle within 7–10 days.

For best results apply in Spring, Summer or Autumn when the plant is in active growth.

If you wish to more effectively prevent regrowth, apply Weed Weapon Long Term or Weed Weapon Preventer granules. This is a selective pre-emergent herbicide which penetrates deep into the soil. Do not plant seeds or sensitive plants into treated soil within 3 months of application.

Did you know

Nettles are many species of flowering plants of the genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae. There are several species in the nettle family and of similar weeds also called nettles including pellitory-of-the-wall, perennial nettle, tree nettle and red dead nettle.

Latin names: Nettle - Urtica urens, Pellitory-of-the-wall - Parietaria judaica, Perennial nettle -Urtica dioica, Tree nettle - Urtica ferox, Red dead nettle - Lamium pupureum.

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