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Oxalis is a fast spreading, small, low-growing weed often found in gardens and lawns.


Oxalis is a family of small low-growing weed, some with small bulbils (small bulbs) and some, such as creeping oxalis, without bulbils but which spread by creeping stems (stolons). Bulbiled oxalis can be challenging to control as it spreads quickly and the bulbils can regrow even when the top growth is controlled. Creeping oxalis is common in lawns and is little affected by some lawn weed killers, it is most easily controlled by use of LawnPro Hydrocotyle Control or spot treating with Weed Weapon Extra Strength, Rapid Action  or Direct Hit.

Flowers are usually very small and yellow, pink or white. Leafs are small and are in a 'T' shape folded and green or purple in colour.

Oxalis is widespread and common in gardens and lawns. 


In Garden Beds

Use Weed Weapon Extra StrengthRapid Action  or Direct Hit  to kill off the top growth of oxalis.
Then once clear apply Weed Weapon Preventer granules to prevent regrowth from bulbils, this is very effective on oxalis. Do not disturb soil for a period of 6 months. If soils is disturbed re-apply the Weed Weapon Preventer . Note: seeds will not grow in treated area, but plants can be planted in the area.

In Lawns

Use LawnPro Hydrocotyle Control. This is will effectively kill creeping oxalis while leaving lawn grasses unaffected.

Did you know

Oxalis is a genus in the wood-sorrel family Oxalidaceae. The Oxalis family includes sourgrass, horned oxalis, fishtail oxalis, creeping oxalis, Bermuda buttercup, and pink shmrock.

Latin names: Sourgrass - Oxalis articulata, Horned oxalis - Oxalis corniculata, fishtail oxalis -Oxalis latifolia, creeping oxalis - Oxalis exilis, Bermuda buttercup - Oxalis pes-caprae, and pink shmrock - Oxalis vallicola.

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