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Pantry Moth

Pantry moth is a moth whose larvae are pests of stored products such as dried food. They are often a pest in New Zealand kitchens and pantries.


There are several pest insects that will infest the dried foods stored in your pantry and around the home. In New Zealand the Meal Moth or Pantry Moth is often found flying around the kitchen. These grey moths lay their eggs on dried stored goods such as flour, cereals, grains etc. The larvae feed on the foodstuff and produce a webbing that is often the only indication of the spoiled food.

Other pests of dried foods are biscuit beetleweevils and spider beetles. Small holes in cereal or flour packaging may indicate that these insects have bored their way into your food.


To get rid of pantry moth and their larvae follow these steps:

Prevention is better than cure - keep flour, rice, polenta, cereals, grains, pulses etc. in sealed containers such as Tupperware. Not only will this prevent infestations by insect or rodent pests it will help keep your foodstuffs fresh for longer.

If you already have an infestation:

  1. Check and dispose of any infested food stuffs in sealed plastic bags.
  2. Remove all food stuffs and utensils from the pantry or other affected areas.
  3. Clean affected shelves, drawers and cupboards with mild detergent. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Lightly spray or wipe down shelves, drawers and cupboards with NO Bugs Indoor  or NO Bugs Super. Leave to dry off thoroughly before replacing foodstuffs. All loose or dried food stuffs should be placed in airtight containers.
  5. Monitor area and foodstuffs for at least three months. repeat treatment if necessary.


Traps are a useful addition to this control program but are unlikely to eradicate the insects on their own as they catch adults only and leave the larvae infesting the food.

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