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Path Weeds

Path weeds are grasses, broad leaf weeds, mosses, liverworts and lichens growing on paths, drives or other hard surfaces.


Path weeds may be unsightly and growth of weeds and roots can damage the paths and driveways.

When weeds are growing in or on hard surfaces such as paths or driveways control can be easy as there are not neighbouring plants and residual herbicide can be used to prevent seed germination.


For quick and effective knock down of weeds in paths and driveways apply Weed Weapon Extra Strength or Rapid Action . Then spray areas where complete, long term vegetation control is required with Weed Weapon Long Term. Complete coverage is required for effective control.

> As Weed Weapon Long Term spray stays active in the soil for up to 12 months, do not spray where crops or other plantings are planned within 12 months.
> Spray during calm weather to prevent spray drift onto desirable plants.
> Do not apply near desirable plants or turf.  Irrigation or rain can wash the herbicide through the soil and cause damage to adjacent plants.

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