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Pear Slugs

Pear and cherry slugs are not really slugs, they are slimy larvae of the sawfly. They eat and damage the leaves of pears, cherries and apples.


Pear and cherry slugs are leaf damaging larvae of a sawfly. These are mistaken for slugs because they are slimy looking. The larvae feed on the upper surfaces of the leaves of fruit trees including pear, cherry, apple, quince and others. They will eat the leaves until there is only a skeleton of leaf veins remaining.


To get rid of pear slugs:

Pear slugs can be controlled using Kiwicare PLANThealth Insect Hit, Rose Force  or Organic Insect Control.

PLANThealth Insect Hit is a systemic insecticide and  Rose Force  is a systemic insecticide and fungicide combination. Both will make the leaves toxic to plant eating insect pests such as pear and cherry slug. Apply as soon as infestation is seen. Early detection and treatment is most effective. The fungicide in this product will also help to prevent disease that might enter via wounds on leaves.

Organic Insect Control can be applied at any time and there is only one day withholding period on fruit. It is most effective when used in early stages of infestation.

Did you know

Pear slugs are also known as cherry slugs and are the larvae of the Pear sawfly. Their scientific name is - Caliroa cerasi

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