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Weevils Indoors

Weevils are pests of stored products such as grains, cereals, flours and other starchy foods.


Weevils will contaminate and infest bulk products in kitchens, pantries, shops, warehouses and mills. Typically you will find small holes drilled in grains and hard foods such as pasta. The weevils are small (5-10mm) non-flying insects that are distinguished by a distinct long snout with a pair of antennae on the side.

Weevils can also be pests in the garden where some species attack plants both as larvae and adults.


  1. Try and identify possible sources of the infestation. Check your kitchen, pantry and nooks and crannies around the house and not just where you have seen weevils.
  2. If you have found weevils infesting your pantry or kitchen cupboards it may be necessary to check for and discard all contaminated products. Then remove all food stuffs and lightly spray the empty pantry or cupboards with NO Bugs Indoor  or NO Bugs Super. Leave the cupboard empty for at least 24 hours then wipe down, leave to dry and replace your food stuffs.
  3. Spray all the cracks and crevices around your home with NO Bugs Indoor  or NO Bugs Super. NO Bugs Bug Bomb  will knock down a lot of the insects and can help to penetrate into the nooks and crannies. However the concentration in the treated rooms needs to be maintained at a high level for an extended period to penetrate well, and the source may not be in the treated rooms.


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