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Poplar trees are introduced trees and because they grow tall and dense they are often used as windbreaks around farms and as decorative trees in parks and gardens. They are regarded as a weed where they seed and grow uncontrolled.


Poplar trees were introduced to New Zealand and are used as winbreaks in many areas, particularly the Canterbury Plains. Because they seed and germinate well in New Zealand conditions and they grow rapidly they can become a pest when they grow in the 'wrong' place.


Cut the tree down to below the lowest green leaves and immediatly paint the cut stump with Weed Weapon Invade Gel or Weed Weapon Stump Stop Gel.

Did you know

Poplars are members of the Populus genus which is a member of the willow family. The Queensland poplar is also a weed on occasions but is not closely related to the silver poplar.

Latin names: Silver poplar - Populus alba, Queensland poplar - Homalanthus populifolius

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