• Porina caterpillar on soil
  • Dead Porina caterpillars in lawn
  • Porina lawn damage
  • Porina caterpillar on soil
  • Dead Porina caterpillars in lawn
  • Porina lawn damage

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Porina Caterpillar

The porina caterpillar causes similar damage to lawn grass and pastures as grass grub. However it tends to feed on leaves rather than roots.


The adult porina moth is the fat brown moth that flies around you lights at night. It lays 100+ eggs on grass in spring and summer. On hatching the caterpillars move to leaf bases where they feed. As they grow they burrow into the soil and emerge at night to feed on leaves. They do most damage in autumn and early winter. Compared to Grass Grub , Porina caterpillar is the more easily controlled pest.


To get rid of porina caterpillar:

Apply LawnPro Lawnguard Granules on the grass paddock and lawns you wish to protect from porina at the rate of 100g per 30m2. Ideal for use from spring to late autumn. The prills must be watered in, so sprinkle before moderate to heavy rain (13 mm) or water the area thoroughly after treatment with a sprinkler.

To control adult moth spray foliage of affected trees and shrubs with PLANThealth Insect Hit or Rose Force  between October and January.

Then apply LawnPro Smart Patch Mix, LawnPro Lawn Thickener or LawnPro Smart Lawn Seed to repair the lawn and fill in patches of dead or affected lawn.

Organic Control

Apply Organic Caterpillar Bio-Control to affected parts of lawns. Re-apply at 7 day intervals or as necessary.

Did you know

Similar lawn grass damaging insect larvae include grass grub, armyworm, leather jackets and  greasy cutworm .

The scientific name of porina is - Wiseana spp.


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