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Selfheal is one of the more difficult weeds to control in lawns.


Selfheal is a perennial weed commonly found in lawns. It can grow up to 30 cm tall if left uncontrolled in waste areas. It is often found in moist to wet lawns, but can also tolerate dryness. Selfheal has a creeping stem which allows it to form dense mats. It is tolerant of many selective lawn herbicides which makes it a problem weed.


General Lawn Selective Control

To control selfheal we recommend alternating between Kiwicare LawnPro Hydrocotyle and Woody Weeds  or LawnPro Turfclean . Use the Hydrocotyle first and then Woody Weeds or Turfclean 1-3 weeks later.

For best control in spring apply this program early on any selfheal and you should be able to get good control.

General Control and Spot Treatment in Lawns

Spot treat with Weed Weapon Direct Hit , Rapid Action or Extra Strength .


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