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Slime Mould

Slime moulds can appear on lawns in damp weather and in shaded areas.


Slime moulds occasionally appear on lawns as egg or crystal like growths on grass blades. They can be of various colours; white, yellow, orange, grey and others. Slime moulds tend to appear in wet conditions or shaded areas of lawns. Slime moulds may cause concern but rarely do any harm to the grass. Only if the area of mould becomes extensive will it damage the grass by shading it from light.


If slime mould needs to be controlled then spray the affected area of lawn with  LawnPro Mossclear.

Did you know

Slime moulds are primitive organisms with features shared with fungi and single celled animals. The spore producing fruiting bodies are what you might find on your lawn, sometimes appearing within a day.

Slime moulds do not attack plants, they obtain their food by engulfing bacteria, spores and other small organic particles as they move. Most of their life slime moulds are single celled and amoeba-like. Sometimes these single-cells group together to form a slimey mat of cells that can move slowly over and through a lawn or other part of the garden.

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